Viking Laps for Loot

March 15, 2013 (02:30 PM) - March 15, 2013 (06:30 PM)


What is Viking Laps for Loot?  This event is taking the place of the Swim-a-thon that VSC has participated in in the past.  This is not a race but a fun fundraising event!

* Each swimmer will have 2 hours to swim as many laps as they can with a maximum of  100 laps.

* Each swimmer will need a “counter” on deck to count their laps.

* Every swimmer should bring water and any snacks they might need.

Prior to March 15thyour swimmer needs to collect pledges.  People can pledge your swimmer per length swam, or they can give a flat pledge.  We like to recommend the flat pledge; by doing this, money can be collected up front and your swimmer will not have to go back after the event to collect.

This is a required event for every swimmer per the VSC Handbook.  Each swimmer has a minimum requirement to raise $150.00 in pledges. If you have any questions about pledge packets please call Cherise Lister at 518-1926.